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Doctrine Denim: Hearty Newcomer

Doctrine Denim: Hearty Newcomer



You can’t possibly tell me that your denim line aims to compete if it doesn’t have a counter for bulletproof-coated pantaloons and pleated jeans. Los-Angeles based Doctrine is teetering on matters of changing the whole structure of the denim game, or at least ensuring it for the pair you’re about purchase from them. All it took was a wave of a denim apron to lure in Agent Burke, though we’ve be cooking up that Based kitchen goodness long before and we’ll be cooking it long after the rainwater fades set in. Their booth at Project was complete with racks on racks on racks of fresh woven jeans, ranging from 160-190 in price. Very easily justifiable, considering their stark penchant for fabrics and fashion-fused ideas. We can dig it.

Built with the hearty approval of quality and poised to ride a trend-based wave to a new heights, Doctrine is on to something. The ideas and energy we felt from the guys at the booth was calming, almost as if to say they know they’re destined for a higher denim calling. Hangers of orange, khaki, white and light washed pants lined the booth all with quirky modifications of their own, whether it be cross grain details or selvedge lines on back pockets. The most impressive pair we found, however, happened to be an 8 oz. Teflon coated black pair that would make Ricky Ross way too proud to wear. That’s the biggest cuff that you’ve seen thus far.